'Brown’s robust range brings a sharpness to Donna Elvira’s fiery barbs as she raises her voice against the man who has so carelessly used her.'......'Brown...has a great deal of power to her voice, which cuts through the space with vigour and finesse.' (All Edinburgh Theatre, 14/5/17)

Jemma Brown was making her debut as a soprano and on this evidence I believe she has made absolutely the right change of Fach. It was a remarkable first stab at a fearsome role but she appears to have a bright refined sound, good control and ample reserves of power at her command and I look forward to hearing about her progress. (Jim Pritchard, Seen and heard International 03/05/2016) http://seenandheard-international.com/2016/05/no-allowances-needed-as-fulham-opera-present-wagner-as-wagner/

'major contributions from...Jemma Brown, whose rock-steady mezzo gave body and stillness to the pronouncements of the earth goddess Erda' (Margaret Davies, Opera Magazine, March 2014)

'Jemma Brown features in every instalment of the Fulham Ring Cycle: as Erda, Waltraute and the Second Norn. Characterising each role uniquely and singing all three fabulously, Brown's voice seems made for Wagner, and she is a sumptuously powerful presence on stage, her voice suffused with passionate entreaty'. ***** (Charlotte Valori, Bachtrack, 19th February 2014) 


'Waltraute recounts his plight in her Narrative 'Höre mit Sinn' ('Hear and understand') - sung with deep feeling by Jemma Brown' (Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard International, 17th February 2014) 


...'the magnificent entrance of Erda (the sensational Jemma Brown, who was my musical highlight) in the final act.' ***** (Charlotte Valori, Bachtrack, 11th February 2014)  

'One of the best voices of the evening was heard from Jemma Brown as a resplendent Erda of great augustness.' (Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard International, 10th February 2014). 

'Jemma Brown's maternal nurse boasts the best diction' (Martin Dreyer, York Press, 17 July 2012)

'A staggeringly dominating Lady Billows' **** (Michael Tumelty, The Glasgow Herald, 21 Mar 2011) 

'The cameo of Marga the Mesmerist...was vivid and terrifying...was it the stage presence of...Jemma Brown or the writing?' **** (Michael Tumelty, The Glasgow Herald, 22 Mar 2010) 

'In Dark Angels, beautifully performed by mezzo-soprano Jemma Brown and guitarist Ian Watt, the thrumming flamenco guitar underpins the elegiac vocal lines set to poems by George Mackay Brown.' **** (Susan Nickalls, The Telegraph, 2nd November 2009)  

'A weekend of musical activity in the RSAMD, focused on the music of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, produced some thought-provoking and unexpected results. I've always heard Max's Dark Angels, a setting of George Mackay Brown's poems about the tragic drowning of two brothers, as a deeply elegiac piece. I was shocked at the bleakness which mezzo soprano Jemma Brown found in the work. Time stopped in this interpretation and the concentration of young Ian Watt's guitar playing acted like a zoom lens on pain and reflection.' **** (Michael Tumelty, The Glasgow Herald, 2nd November 2009)